Covid-19 Virus - Church News and Updates​

Welcome to Believers' Chapel of Canastota

On behalf of our family at Believers' Chapel of Canastota we would like to invite you to our church.  We understand that life is busy and we appreciate that you would spend your time with us.  It is our hope that your experience would be a good one; one that is challenging, encouraging and exciting too.

Believers' Chapel is a Christian church that uses the Bible as the source for everything we believe and teach.  We are family oriented and strive to provide relevant ministry to all ages.  We believe that God is a living God, who cares about everyone deeply.  He wants a daily personal relationship with all people through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We hope you and your family can join us for a Sunday service.

Sr. Pastor Dave & Mary Allen

It is our vision to build an excellent and exciting, Bible-based, Christ-Centered local church.